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Residential & Commercial Drain Cleaning

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Whether you live in a residential home or need advanced drain cleaning services for your commercial property, the experts at Pro-Tec are well-equipped to handle it. Do-it-yourself drain cleaning with chemical drain cleaners is not advisable, as this can damage your plumbing system. Instead, call the experienced professionals at Pro-Tec. Our team has invested in an impressive array of specialty equipment that allows our team to clear drains of any size.



At home, common culprits for build-up and stoppages include household sinks and shower drains. Kitchen sinks may become clogged due to food debris, grease or even a malfunctioning garbage disposal. Bathroom sinks, tubs and showers often get clogged with soap residue, hair and even foreign objects like jewelry or loose change. Plus, sewer drain stoppages can lead to water backup or standing water in the home, causing hazardous conditions and expensive water damage.


The experienced field technicians at Pro-Tec know how to solve all types of commercial drain cleaning problems, with real-world experience servicing restaurants, hotels, retail centers, medical complexes and more. Routine drain cleanings can make a world of difference by preventing clogs, stoppages and wastewater backup.

Take grease pipe maintenance, for example. A common concern in the food service industry, commercial-grade drain lines process large amounts of food and grease. Unaddressed, this can lead to clogs that cause extensive damage. This downtime is expensive and disruptive to your business and customers. Conversely, our quick, efficient servicing will keep your operation running smoothly, leaving more money in your pocket.