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Top 5 Plumbing No No’s

Pro-Tec Plumbing & Drains has been in business for over a decade. Here is a list of the top 5 plumbing no no’s we’ve found that cause most of our customers to call us – your plumber.

Here are our top 5 Plumbing No No’s:


1) Think before you drill.

Before taking a nail or a screw to your walls verify where plumbing, electrical and gas lines run throughout your home. Most of the time one of the biggest dangers when drilling into a wall is hitting an electrical wire, a pipe, or a gas line. So, before taking a nail or screw to the wall make sure you use a detection device. These scenarios often lead to water damage that may not be obvious immediately, electrical shock, or a gas leak.
Any one of those scenarios can be a major headache and lead to costly repairs.

Disposing of large size organic matter can cause build up and eventually clog your kitchen drain

2. Don’t throw away organic matter down the drain

It pretty much comes down to not using the garbage disposal as a blender. If you have anything bigger than an inch, just scoop it up and throw it away.  Here’s a list of what we most commonly find inside your garbage disposal.
Coffee beans or grounds- Coffee beans can get stuck between the impellers and in the trap of your drain which can eventually cause water to backup your kitchen drain.
Used oil or fat after making fried food- This usually congeals into a jelly consistency and not only clogs your sink in the long term but eventually clogs the city line.
Pasta & Rice expand over time and eventually cause a stoppage clogging your drain
Eggshells- There is a misconception or myth out there that eggshells are good for your garbage disposal because they sharpen the blades. Well, they don’t actually! Garbage disposals don’t actually have blades like a blender instead, they have impellers that are blunt to the touch but have the power to pulverize most things. Eggs contain a soft membrane, that membrane can get stuck between the impellers and eventually cause future damage.

3. Know where your main water valve is located

Know where your main water valve is located so that in case of an emergency water leak, an overflowing toilet just to name a few you know where it is and can easily turn off the water before your home becomes a pool!


Lingering plumbing issues can lead to more costly repairs in the long term.

4. Don’t put off lingering plumbing issues-  they become larger and more costly with time.

Lingering plumbing issues can include:
Running toilets– excessive water leaking can increase your water bill significantly and be a noise disturbance.
Leaking showerheads- The constant drip actually turns into many gallons of water with time and can cause water spots on tile and eventually cause damage to grout lines where mold is more prone to grow.
Leaking hose bibs- Hose bibs are right up against your home. Small slow leaking bibs can cause rust stains or splash marks on the wall and ground. Small leaks or water near foundations can also cause foundation issues.
Under the sink leaks – These can cause major cabinet water damage leading to mold and mildew.

Point of view of woman looking at multiple metallic ceramic and resin sinks inside construction diy store - choosing the best sink for her kitchen; bathroom

5. Beware of retail store plumbing fixtures.

For our last but not least most important top 5 Plumbing No No’s we have box stores. Retail stores work with brands to get a cheaper made retail quality product that can be mass-produced with cheap materials and sold at a lower cost.  Those fixtures aren’t meant to last. Pro-Tec Plumbing stands by the products we install in your home which is why we feel more than comfortable warrantying the parts we install for a year. Fixtures like kitchen faucets, sink fixtures, and showerheads that you can find at big box stores are made with plastic inner components whereas those purchased directly from the manufacturer with a plumbing license have metal components instead. Throughout time and use those plastic components dry up and crack leading to leaks. The fixtures we purchase and install in your home can only be obtained with a proper plumbers license and are made with higher-grade materials that last a lifetime.
Did you enjoy our top 5 plumbing No No’s? Check out our other blog posts posted monthly for more tips and tricks. 

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