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Plumbing warning signs

Have you spotted these telltale plumbing warning signs?

1. Low water pressure

2. Clogged toilets

3. Clicking pipes

4. Large water bill

5. Water backup when using the dishwasher

6. Visible water stains on walls or cabinetry

7. Slow drains

8. Running toilet

9. Gurgling toilet

10. Foul odor in hot water

Plumbing Warning Signs

Paying attention to these early warning signs will help prevent major water damage and costly repairs. Help us protect your plumbing. With our Annual Maintenance Program, we offer an 11 point inspection of your entire home’s plumbing. We provide you with a detailed list of recommendations and what your home will encounter in the near future. Our membership helps prolong the life of your plumbing minimizing the potential of costly problems by detecting the issue before they become an emergency. It’s our Pro-Tec peace of mind.

Our primary focus is always to provide the best service we would expect in our own homes.

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