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Whole-Home Repipes


Do you have a visible leak or water damage in your home? Is your home piped with copper of polybutylene? If your plumbing system is worn or corroded, repairing a single leak will put added pressure on other weak spots in your piping. Whole-house repipes offer a more permanent solution, using clean, safe PEX pipe.

Pro-Tec specializes in whole-house residential repipes in Southwest Florida, a process that takes just one day. Most homes have their water back on permanently at the end of the day. Plus, when installed by Pro-Tec’s certified plumbing technicians, your new Uponor or Viega PEX products include a 25-year manufacturer warranty.

Expert plumber conducts an annual inspection for Pro-Tec Plumbing & Drains clients with the Pro-Tec Premier Maintenance Plan.
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First, new hot and cold water lines are run overhead and down walls, connecting to your existing plumbing fixtures. Next, shut-off valves are replaced with quarter-turn valves. Fixture supplies and washing machine hoses are replaced with braided stainless steel. Even the icemaker and dishwasher lines are replaced, if needed. At the end of the process, all the pressurized water lines from your main shut-off valve forward are replaced with PEX or Uponor pipe and fittings.


PEX tubing is made from crosslinked, high-density polyethylene polymer, and is preferred over other types of pipe.
  • Costs Less
  • Requires Fewer Fittings
  • Does Not Require Soldering
  • Resists Scale Build-Up
  • Does Not Corrode
  • Resists Freeze Breakage
  • Conserves Energy
  • Quieter Than Copper